Leaflets to Leadership

Season #4

Ever wondered how delivering leaflets at age 11 could lead to becoming a successful leader?

In this episode, we dive into the journey of well-known and respected Abigail Grey, the driving force behind Grey & Co, Estate & Letting Agents in North West London. Starting with childhood memories of delivering leaflets at age 11, we trace Abigail's evolution into a business leader.

The episode kicks off with an industry award and then reflections on the intersection of motherhood and leadership. Moving into the intricacies of lettings, we explore the importance of being well-informed in customer-facing roles. Abigail shares insights into the distinctions between sales and lettings, emphasising enduring relationships, plus the personal growth journey and responsibilities of moving from a Lettings Manager to a Lettings Director role.

As the podcast unfolds, we touch on the complexities of family business dynamics, unexpected life events, and struggles of accepting a career path. Abigail shares struggles of managing work while coping with impending loss, offering insights into balancing professional responsibilities, grieving, and challenges brought on by pregnancy and maternity leave. The podcast takes an intriguing turn with a transformative phase triggered by a seemingly minor decision to change accountants. This decision sets off a chain reaction of events, leading to new opportunities for growth and learning. Finally, we conclude with a focus on the personal and professional growth experienced by Abigail in recent years.

The discussion centres on the shift from a frantic pace to a more settled life, especially after becoming a mother. Abigail shares insights into finding a new identity, prioritising family, and fostering a supportive work environment that drives the success of her business.

Join us on this open and honest episode as we uncover the evolution of a legacy with Abigail Grey on the Estate Agency X Podcast.


(00:05) Starting and Growing a Family Business
(12:05) Building Long-Term Relationships in Lettings
(16:46) Navigating Personal and Professional Challenges
(22:57) Returning to Work and Making Changes
(29:49) Finding a New Identity
(34:59) Discovering a Real Estate Community
(37:58) Focus on Family and Small Business




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