Smart Wins

Season #4

Joining host Mark Burgess, with the inspirational Louise Breakey, owner of Wigan estate agency, Breakey and Co, who unveils the key moments and innovative strategies that revolutionised her business. This episode goes beyond mere change; it's a masterclass in harnessing the power of strategic thinking and passion to redefine success, navigating through the challenges of team resistance, and evolving beyond outdated models.  

Ever wondered why so many companies struggle to leave the past behind, even when new horizons beckon?  

Our conversation with Louise delves into the essence of a successful transition, highlighting the critical need for definitive changeover points and the enlightening aftermath of embracing efficient new systems. Through examples, we explore the undeniable impact of leadership in advocating for progress and the boosting power of seeing new processes thrive.   Join us on this journey of growth and transformation The future of success awaits, and it begins with the power of strategic thinking and a passion for progress.


(00:05) Transforming Estate Agency for Success
(10:15) The Benefits of Company Transformation
(20:34) Sales Strategy Challenges, Coaching Benefits
(26:17) Support and Community in Business
(33:32) Increasing Efficiency and Effectiveness in Business

NOTE ** There is a sound technical issue between 55 second and 65 seconds ** 

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