EAX Business Accelerator Programme

Season #4

Following on from featuring in industry press, hosts Mark Burgess and Rob Brady invite you on a transformative journey in their latest podcast episode. Dive deep into their 12-month Business Accelerator Programme provided by Estate Agency X, a must for estate agents ready to revamp their businesses from the inside out.


This isn't your ordinary profit-chasing venture, it's a comprehensive business transformation experience. Packed with mentorship, coaching, and proven systems, the programme is tailored to create meaningful, enduring change.


Feeling overwhelmed in today's tech-driven world? You're not alone.


The hosts emphasise the need for estate agents to adapt and think differently. The carefully crafted 12-month programme seamlessly translates global knowledge into the traditional estate agency, empowering agents for lasting transformation.


But here's the catch, it's not a solo journey.

Understand the power of collaboration as like-minded individuals come together, holding you accountable, providing guidance, and supporting you every step of the way. It's not just about personal growth; it's about a community-driven evolution.


Ready to surround yourself with incredible people, and expert coaches, and implement your values and missions?


Don't wait! Tune in to this podcast episode for a sneak peek into the transformative journey that awaits. Join the waiting list now and kickstart your evolution with Estate Agency X.

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