The Big Debate : Tradition Vs Tech

Season #4

Join host Mark Burgess as he sits down with well-known industry leader Peter Rollings in this compelling episode. From Foxtons's intriguing culture to Marsh & Parsons's transformative leadership, Rollings unravels the secrets to his success in the industry. They explore the building of successful estate agencies as Rollings shares his experiences. The episode then ventures into the vital needs of time management, unveiling this change at Foxtons, with a structured approach that catapulted the company's turnover from 10 million to 40 million. Rollings and Burgess debate the delicate balance between building relationships and achieving targets, emphasising the crucial distinction between outcome and output. Looking ahead, they explore the future landscape of the property industry, dissecting the potential disruptions caused by technology. Rollings shares his thoughts on the importance of fees and why raising them improves service and enhances earnings for agents.