Ethical Estate Agency

Season #4

Join host Rob Brady in a conversation with Jerry Lyons, the mastermind behind the Estate Agency Content Club and the Ethical Agent Network. In this episode, they delve into the art of authentic content creation, drawing on Jerry's journalistic background and his unique approach to writing for estate agents. As the discussion unfolds, they explore consistency, accessibility, and variety in crafting content for estate agents. Discover the significance of dyslexic-friendly content and the power of leveraging different platforms to reach a broader audience. The host sheds light on the role of video in the competitive industry, emphasising its impact on building trust with potential clients through consistency, humour, and community-oriented content. The conversation then turns to Jerry's latest venture, the Ethical Agent Network. Uncover the inspiration behind this initiative and the criteria for membership, centring on community engagement and positive reviews. The host reflects on the consequences of deviating from your values and touches on the issue of overvaluations in estate agencies, advocating for client education. Towards the episode's conclusion, Rob and Jerry delve into the potential impact of AI on various industries and stress the importance of integrating values into all aspects of business. A deep dive into the world of ethical estate agency practices with Jerry Lyons!