Taking Action Now

Season #4

In this episode of the Estate Agency X Podcast, co-hosts Mark Burgess, CEO of Iceberg Digital, and Rob Brady, Elite Performance Coach at Iceberg Digital, review the current property market landscape and offer insights on how agents can proactively prepare for the future.

Drawing from their experience, Mark and Rob reflect on past challenging periods that bear resemblance to the current climate. They share strategies and tactics that have proven successful in such times, shedding light on how estate agents can navigate these uncertain waters.

The discussion looks at marketing, emphasising the importance of effectively influencing a wider audience's perception of your brand. Mark and Rob stress the value of authentic marketing, highlighting the need for estate agents to establish a genuine connection with their clients and prospects.

Also, the episode highlights the significance of a well-defined strategy. Mark and Rob encourage estate agents to explore innovative ways of working to adapt to changing market dynamics. Their insights serve as a roadmap for agents who are seeking to redefine their approach in the wake of a quieter market. 

If you're an estate agent grappling with the challenge of a subdued market and are eager to chart a course for the future of your estate agency, this episode is an absolute must-listen.

As mentioned in the podcast link here to Estate Agency X - Live Sessions