If You’re Not Moving Forward, You’ll Go Backwards

Season #4

In this episode of Estate Agency X Podcast, your host Rob Brady sits down once again with Ben Roberts, Owner, and Managing Director of Keystone. Join us as we delve into the story of Keystone's inception just before the 2008/09 property crash and the invaluable lessons Ben learned from his dad and mum in the early years, shaping the foundation of becoming an agent.

The conversation takes an intriguing turn as Ben shares the transformative journey of working with Iceberg Digital as a client for five years. Discover the impact this collaboration had on both his business and personal life, revolutionising his approach to success, which included becoming number one in his area and doubling his fees whilst doing so.

However, amidst the successes, Ben faced an unexpected struggle during lockdown, resulting in a heart attack. His resilient spirit led him to embrace a new mindset, propelling himself and Keystone to unprecedented heights. Learn about the changes he implemented, from diving into the world of digital marketing, automation, and lead generation, to making these essential elements the driving force behind Keystone's progress in a rapidly changing world. Ben discusses the people he partnered with to help him along this new educational journey of a 5-year transformation.