From Ultra Marathons to Business Leadership

Season #4

Welcome to the latest episode of the Estate Agency X Podcast! This week, your host Rob Brady is joined by guest Ian Macbeth, the Managing Partner of Avocado Property. Ian, who is not only a father and podcaster but also an Ultra Marathon Athlete, makes his second appearance on the show. 

In this exciting episode, we dive into the remarkable growth of the Avocado brand, which has now expanded to include an impressive 32 partners. Ian shares invaluable insights on scaling a business, emphasising the importance of understanding your ideal client and harnessing the power of automated video marketing.

But it's not just about numbers and marketing tactics. We explore the significance of cultivating a strong brand culture and selecting the right type of agents to partner with. Ian provides practical advice on creating a cohesive and motivated team, highlighting the positive impact this can have on your agency's success.

Furthermore, we delve into how Ian's passion for ultra marathon running and his dedication to training have influenced him both personally and professionally. Find out how endurance sports can shape one's character and enhance their skills as a business owner and leader.

And of course, we couldn't neglect the ever-evolving world of digital marketing. Ian shares his expertise on the latest trends you should be focusing on, offering valuable insights to help you stay ahead in this competitive industry.

Tune in to this episode of the Estate Agency X Podcast to gain inspiration from Ian Macbeth's incredible journey, learn from Avocado Property's expansion strategies, and discover how you can leverage digital marketing to take your agency to new heights.