Embracing the Pain: The Mindset Shift for Successful Change

Season #4

Welcome to this Estate Agency X Podcast, where Elite Performance Coach Rob Brady uncovers the secrets to success in the fast-paced world of estate agency.

In this episode, our guest brings a wealth of experience driving transformational change and cultivating a mission and values-driven culture. Gemma Noonan, a senior HR expert and executive coach, joins us, renowned for her exceptional work at The Giggs Group. Gemma’s extensive background in HR and coaching has equipped her with the skills to navigate the change management journey.

In this fascinating discussion, she shares her insights on how to bring a mission and values culture to life within an organisation like The Giggs Group, empowering leaders and transforming the business from within. Discover Gemma’s strategies to successfully implement change, manage expectations, and foster effective communication with her team.

Gain valuable insights into the mindset required to navigate the challenges of change and learn how to embrace the pain of transformation for a more favourable outcome.

Get ready to elevate your understanding of change management in this latest Estate Agency X Podcast brought to you by Iceberg Digital, which will reshape your approach and empower you to lead with purpose and resilience.