The Art Of Letting Go: Extracting Yourself From Your Business

Season #4

Welcome to the Estate Agency X podcast, where we bring you the latest and greatest insights from industry experts. In this episode, Rob Brady hands over the reins to Mark Burgess as he sits down with two incredibly successful entrepreneurs, Matt Giggs and Dave Gibbons. Matt Giggs shares his journey from the corporate world of agency to becoming an independent estate agency business owner. He discusses the process of getting his business to run without him and the steps he took to partner with other agency owners within the Giggs Group. Mark delves into how Matt managed to create a successful business that he no longer needed to be constantly involved in, and how other business owners can replicate his success. In addition to Matt's story, Mark also explores Dave Gibbons' journey from purchasing an estate agency business to building a team around him that could operate the business without his constant involvement. Dave discusses how he learned to be an agent and the processes he implemented to ensure his business continued to grow and flourish. Whether you're a business owner looking to step back and have a business that you're not constantly involved in, or you're simply curious about how successful entrepreneurs operate their businesses, this podcast is a must-listen. Join Mark, Matt, and Dave as they share their expertise and experience in "The Art of Letting Go: Extracting Yourself from Your Business." Tune in now to learn more!