£6,000.00 GBP

Innovation and Growth Coaching Programme - Non Lifesycle Users

Our ‘Innovation & Growth Programme' session is where we start your journey of transformation.

Developed by ex-agents who excelled at the highest level within the property industry, our Innovation & Growth Programme has been specifically developed to expose your potential. Our Elite Performance Coaches work with you on a Strategic Performance and Growth Development plan, to unlock your business assets and help transform the innovation within your business over a six-month period.

During our first session, we will go through 

What is in the Programme?

Tangible Vs Intangible Assets - The difference between the two and why it is important to you.

The 7 Assets - We will cover and discuss the following assets, where you will rate yourself. These include









What happens next?

This will take around 1 hour to complete and require your leadership team to attend.

Once completed and wish to proceed, we will cover the following

What is Performance Coaching? - Difference between training and coaching. Commitment and expectations.

Lay the Foundations - Review the results from the Innovation and Growth Programme. Discuss goals.

Understand Your Current State - Review your current circumstances that might affect the programme.

Brainstorm - Explore ideas required to complete the programme.

Create a Plan of Action - Finalise a plan of action including timescales and the best way to communicate.