Innovation and Growth Coaching Programme

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Our â€˜Innovation & Growth Programme' session is where we start your journey of transformation.

Developed by ex-agents who excelled at the highest level within the property industry, our Innovation & Growth Programme has been specifically developed to expose your potential. Our qualified Elite Performance Coach, through the Association of Coaching and Chartered Management Institute, will work with you on a Strategic Performance and Growth Development plan, that will help transform the innovation within your business, to unlock your business assets and help transform the innovation within your business.


What happens next?

Instant Access to a 50-section online resource programme covering the following topics 

- How to make sure you're set up for growth and implementing new processes.

- The importance of creating lead generation through Facebook and Google. What types of leads exist and how to create better lead generation on your website.

- How to become less portal dependent using your Heads Up Alerts.

- How to ignite and nurture your database to make more meaningful phone calls at the right time. 

- Strategies for creating interesting, relevant and consistent content. 

- How to create marketing journeys based on better data in your company. 

- What you can do to win more market appraisals using nurture journeys and video.  

- How to have interesting conversations using the Hotbox 2 Strategies. 


Plus instant access to our coaching programme diary where you can schedule 15 coaching sessions for free, with our Elite Performance Coach.

During our first session, we will go through 

What is in the Programme?

Tangible Vs Intangible Assets - The difference between the two and why it is important to you.

The 7 Assets - We will cover and discuss the following assets, where you will rate yourself. These include Growth, Consistency, Identity, Ignition, Building, Bespoke & Captivating

What is Performance Coaching? - Difference between training and coaching. Commitment and expectations.

Lay the Foundations - Review the results from the Innovation and Growth Programme. Discuss goals.

Understand Your Current State - Review your current circumstances that might affect the programme.

Brainstorm - Explore ideas required to complete the programme.

Create a Plan of Action - Finalise a plan of action including timescales and the best way to communicate.


And access to a private group chat directly with your coach between sessions.