Lifesycle Academy - Mastery Training

*** Lifesycle Users Only ***


Join the Lifesycle Academy - Mastery Training with Iceberg Digital's Software Trainer, Brad Roby, and learn how to effectively manage your contacts, market appraisals, property sales, leads, forms, audiences, newsletters, email templates, and much more. Brad will guide you through the entire Lifesycle platform through 6 hours worth of recorded videos, showing you how to add contacts manually or through CSV, utilise filters and search options, and navigate the contact detail page. You'll also discover how to book and edit market appraisal appointments, create impressive presentations, and manage viewings and offers efficiently.

In this comprehensive training, Brad will cover topics such as sales progression, managing sales chains and invoices, understanding leads, and qualifying them effectively. You'll gain insight into building forms, creating dynamic audiences for targeted marketing, and crafting engaging content for your blog page.

Becoming a master in Lifesycle will involve learning the craft of dealing with Social Distancing Valuations, Active Potential Listings, and Active Potential Viewing features to boost viewings and listings within your company. Additionally, you'll explore the Taskforce functionality for task management, contract template creation, and compliance checklists for property profiles.

By enrolling in the Lifesycle Academy - Mastery Training, you'll harness the power of CRM statistics to assess your company's performance in various aspects, from viewings and instructions to property pipelines. You’ll delve into the supplier section to maintain a record of crucial contacts, including solicitors and estate agents integrated with the sales chain and memorandum of sale.

With Brad Roby as your guide, you'll master the Lifesycle platform, optimising its features to enhance your productivity and success in the world of estate agency. Join today!

Over 6 hours worth of recorded content covering the following. 

Chapter 1 - Managing Contacts
Chapter 2 - Market Appraisals
Chapter 3 - Selling/Letting Your Property
Chapter 4 - Leads
Chapter 5 - Forms and Audiences
Chapter 6 - Content and Newsletters
Chapter 7 - Becoming the Master