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Introducing the Innovation and Growth Programme, led by Elite Performance Coach, Rob Brady. This comprehensive online programme with 50 sections is designed to help you unlock your full potential and accelerate your personal and professional growth.

As a participant in Estate Agency X Coaching, you will receive private coaching sessions with Rob, as well as gain access to this extensive resource centre, which will support your work through the 7 Assets of Growth, Consistency, Identity, Ignition, Building, Bespoke, and Captivating.

You will also have the opportunity to watch selected videos found by some of the most influential people on data, digital and business transformation, content and lead generation. Through video content, Rob will guide you through the programme, providing you with the tools and strategies you need to succeed.

The topics covered:

- How to make sure you're set up for growth and implementing new processes.

- The importance of creating lead generation through Facebook and Google. What types of leads exist and how to create better lead generation on your website.

- How to become less portal dependent using your Heads Up Alerts.

- How to ignite and nurture your database to make more meaningful phone calls at the right time. 

- Strategies for creating interesting, relevant and consistent content. 

- How to create marketing journeys based on better data in your company. 

- What you can do to win more market appraisals using nurture journeys and video.  

- How to have interesting conversations using the Hotbox 2 Strategies. 

If you're committed to self-development and ready to accelerate your journey, the Innovation and Growth Programme is a must for you.

Join today and unlock your full potential!

What People Are Saying:

Its like talking to a therapist, If I had one! I find it extremely easy to discuss our business objectives with you and you are definitely in the right job!


Rob gives you the tools to take your marketing and customer experience to the next level

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"You`ve introduced me to a new way of thinking within our business. Have a stronger emphasis on effort than the outcome. I would like to think to have a better understanding of marketing."

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